Error Code

All of DIMAC-Products which has 4XXC-Controller will display something error code when they have any problem. All of Error Code are listed below.

Warning display

Warning display C. : These indications are a warning before failure, the product probably has no defect.

Error CodeMessageContent
C. 40Open phaseConfirmation of the power supply
C. 41Low voltage detectionChecking the voltage
C. 50-1Motor connection abnormallyContact failure
C. 50-2
C. 50-3Malfunction of Rotation sensorSetting mistake
C. 80-1Motor operation basisNotice of maintenance timing
C. 80-2Release-movable basis

Abnormal Display

Abnormal Display E. : These indications are displayed an abnormal and/or any failure parts.The repair will require when not reset after operating "Reset".

Error CodeMessageContent
E. 02Schedule errorCPU Circuit board failure
E. 03Soft timer error
E. 04Transmission command error
E. 05Layer errorMP6 Programing error
E. 09Sequence errorCPU Communication error
E. 10-1Motor No.1 ErrorSetting mistake of a memory.
E. 10-2Motor No.2 Error
E. 10-3Rotation sensor failure
E. 10-5CPU Circuit board failure
E. 11Model setting errorNot setting
E. 12Setting errorResetting
E. 13Not readable errorMachine and Ctrl differ.
E. 14System set errorSet and Option differ.
E. 15Power circuit 1 failure24V circuit relay
E. 16Motor connecting errorNot match Motor-setting / connecting position
E. 17Power circuit 2 failureA-A series only
E. 20-7Circuit board No.7Circuit board contact failure
E. 20-8Circuit board No.8
E. 21-7Circuit board No.7Circuit board power failure
E. 21-8Circuit board No.8
E. 22Back stop brake failureControl error
E. 23Back stop brake failureOutput power error
E. 24Control circuit communication errorDisconnection of control circuit
E. 26Back stopper abnormalNot opened
E. 27Back stopper abnormalNot closed
E. 28Back stop brake control failureNot release state
E. 29Back stop brake control failureNot operation state
E. 30Display board communication errorDisconnection
E. 31Option communication errorConnect position:From the cover side Left
E. 32Connect position:From the cover side Middle
E. 33Connect position:From the cover side Right
E. 34Option communication errorDisplay for model A-A series
E. 39Disconnection
E. 40Open phaseDetection of open phase
E. 41Low voltage detectionVoltage check
E. 42High voltage detectionOver weight
E. 43Accumulation of time over
E. 45Power failureFailure of controller inside
E. 46CPU failureCPU Voltage rise
E. 47CPU failureCPU Voltage drop
E. 48Abnormal of resetRAM in CPU failure
E. 49Power supply circuit failureMonitoring function suspended state
E. 50-1Motor connection failureContact failure
E. 50-2Motor connection failure
E. 50-3Rotation sensor connecting failure
E. 50-9Motor connection failure
E. 51Not motor connection
E. 52-2Motor abnormalWrong model / cable connection
E. 52-3Rotation sensor connecting failureWrong model / cable connection
E. 53-1Motor difference
E. 53-2Motor difference
E. 57Not available for the optionNot suitable in the feeder spec.
E. 58-3Schedule errorRotation sensor-CPU failure
E. 59Communication errorSerial communication failure
E. 60-1Over heat of motorMotor torque error
E. 60-2Over heat of motor
E. 61-1Motor derived error
E. 61-2Motor derived error
E. 62-1Motor derived anomaly
E. 62-2Motor derived anomaly
E. 63-1Multiple motor error
E. 68-1Motor preliminary operation error
E. 68-2Motor preliminary operation error
E. 70-2Thickness adjusting motor errorAbnormal fever
E. 70-4Thickness adjusting motor torque errorOver heat due to torque
E. 70-5
E. 71-2Electromagnetic errorMotion control abnormal
E. 71-4Electromagnetic errorMotion control abnormal
E. 71-5
E. 72-2Command error
E. 75-2Thickness adjusting motor errorCommunication error
E. 77-4Electromagnetic errorDisconnection
Control circuit failure
E. 77-5
E. 78Schedule error
E. 84-1Controller internal over feverThermistor temperature abnormality
E. 84-2
E. 84-3
E. 84-4
E. 85-1Fan of controller errorInsufficient rotation / disconnection
E. 85-2
E. 85-3
E. 85-4Fan of machine errorInsufficient rotation / disconnection
E. 85-5
E. 85-6
E. 85-7
E. 99-9Control errorCPU circuit board failure
AC _OFFWhen the power turns OFFElectric power is disappearance
Lo _P5 .Detection of low voltageVoltage check

All error codes listed the above are reflected all of Dimac-Products.Please note that all error codes are not suitable your using feeder.