Feed Performance Computing Form

Values ​​of the displayed performance graph and performance table
may not be satisfied due to the load on the feeder due to material stress etc.

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Model :
Feed Angle を指定
Feed Angle [deg] :
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Press Speed [spm] :
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Feedable Time を指定
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Comparative Model :
Target Feed Length [mm] :

Model T20/T30 Specifications

Max. Press Rotational Speed [spm] 200
Max. Feed Speed [mm/s] 1002

Required Release Operation Angle

Model T20/T30 at 200spm
  1. The actual release start / end timing does not match the input signal. Timing will change due to adjustment of air pressure, pressurized spring load, release stroke amount, etc.
  2. The input signal should continue for a period longer than the angle shown in green on the graph. The standard value of the product is displayed, and when you change the noise filter strength, the value will be different.
  3. Because the actual operation time varies greatly depending on usage conditions, only the minimum time constraint of the above input signal is displayed. In consideration of the delay time of the release end, a margin is required until the feed start timing.

Model T20/T30 Performance Graph

Chart Manipulation Method
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  • Drag vertically or horizontally : Zoom specified area.
  • Hold down Shift key and drag : Move zoomed area.

X Axis :
Y Axis :

Model T20/T30 Performance Table

Row Step Value

Press Speed
Max. Feed Length[mm]