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High-Speed NC Roll Feeder : MS-C Series

These feeders are designed for high speed stamping and its release mechanism is driven by the slide of press machine. These feeders support higher speed which the way by air cylinder cannot cope with.


For installation, two signals are required for synchronization with stamping. And air supply is also required for material to be inserted.

There is a restrictions in the distance of the slide (processing stroke) because of their mechanical mechanism. When the material is installed whose thickness is 1mm, the distance from the release beginning position to the bottom dead center becomes 20mm or less. Check the positional relation of product, ram and pass line in dimension drawing. Please press the roller follower at the end of the lever vertically downward on the horizontal surface. Weighting in another direction by cam etc. will cause malfunction.

For more high-speed, Please examine H series. It supports up to 1000spm with private rotary encoder and have the function of numerical control for roller pressure.

The movie below is demonstration of MS07C MF-Tokyo 2009 held in Oct., 2009. The material whose thickness is 0.15mm and whose width is 9mm is sent with the condition that sending pitch is 5.5mm and stamp speed is 600spm.

The design for control panel is changed into incline one to improve a visual field and usability (The panel in movie has vertical plane and it has been changed.)

Click screen and the movie will start. It has sounds, so please be attentive to volume.

Product Specification

Limit of MatrialMax. Width70mm140mm
Max. Thickness1.0mm
Max. Stamp Speed700spm
Material FeedingMethodRoller + Servomotor
Feed Length999.99mm Max. *1
Adjusted by 0.01mm unit.
Feed AccelerationAdjusted by 100 step. *2
Material PressingMethodSpring
Pressing Capacity1500N
Adjusted by screws.
Material Releasing MethodPushing by the slide of press machine.
Required Power SupplySingle-phase 200V±10%, 50/60Hz
Product Weight22kg26kg
*1 optional can lengthen the limit up to 9999.99mm.
*2 No speed setting. It is controlled automatically below the maximum speed.

・Feed performance table of MS-C series are shown in the table below.
Max.feed lengths(mm) under varied speed and feed angles.
Details of performance can be calculated on this page.

Stamp Speed
Max. Feed Length [mm]
Feed Angle
Feed Angle