Data Bank MP6 :Serial communication function

By connecting the Data bank MP6 to a personal computer, sequencer, etc., it is possible to check the status of the feeder by communication and acquire / set operating conditions.


We provide Windows applications using this communication function. You can input operating conditions of the feeder with the mouse and keyboard.It can be used as an input interface instead of the control panel on the front of the controller. It is convenient when entering feed conditions for many molds or for setting complicated multi-stage operation.In addition, it has a monitoring function of communication contents so that you can refer to when yourself creates an application or controls the sequencer.


This function is an option of MP6, so please order at the time of ordering feeder. It is necessary for customers to have wiring that matches communication equipment. As an example, to connect with a typical personal computer, a cross wiring serial cable with a D - Sub 9 pin connector is required.

In addition, materials related to communication specifications and the above Windows applications are provided in accordance with customer's request. Please contact us first.