Production Discontinued Model

Repair of the production end models of our products, and regard to services, to end the repair correspondence and Parts supply in approximately 13 to 15 years from the sale.

Caution:By the abolition period of parts supplied from the manufacturer there is a possibility to change the repair end year.

ModelProduct No.
(Lower 4 digits)
End of SupportEnd of SalesSuccessor Model
M07Mar. 2024No appropriate model
M14Mar. 2024No appropriate model
A40Jun. 2019A40A
MS07CMar. 2018M07
MS14CMar. 2018M14
HS75B0042 or laterOct. 2016H07
0001~0041Mar. 2025
HS130B0143 or laterOct. 2016H13
0001~0142Mar. 2025
HS250B0031 or laterOct. 2016H25
0001~0030Mar. 2025
TRF3020057 or laterAug. 2016T30
0043~0056Mar. 2025
0029~0042Mar. 2020
0001~0028Mar. 2017
TRF2020083 or laterAug. 2016T20
0059~0082Mar. 2025
0032~0058Mar. 2020
0001~0031Mar. 2017
TRF4020008 or laterApr. 2016No appropriate model
0007Mar. 2025
0005~0006Mar. 2020
0001~0004Mar. 2017
GT40Apr. 2016TG4
GL110Apr. 2016G11
RF06A0587 or laterJun. 2016J06
0001~0586Mar. 2025
RF15A0845 or laterJun. 2016J15
0001~0844Mar. 2025
RF25A0081 or laterJun. 2016J25
0001~0080Mar. 2025
RF20A0672 or laterJun. 2016R20
0001~0671Mar. 2025
RF30A0186 or laterJun. 2016R30
0001~0185Mar. 2025
RF40AJun. 2016R40
RF50A0070 or laterJun. 2016R50
0001~0069Mar. 2025
GF800030 or laterDec. 2013G11
0001~0029Mar. 2020
GL600051 or laterApr. 2013G11/TG4
0001~0050Mar. 2020
ModelProduct No.
(Lower 4 digits)
End of SupportEnd of SalesSuccessor Model
HS250allMar. 2020May. 2006H25
HS130allMar. 2020May. 2006H07 / H13
TRF132allMar. 2020Feb. 2005TJ15
RF131allMar. 2020Apr. 2005J15
RF081allMar. 2020Mar. 2005J06 / J15
RF501allMar. 2020Jun. 2004R50
RF301allMar. 2020Jur. 2004R30
RF201allMar. 2020Aug. 2004R20
TRF082allMar. 2020Jun. 2004TJ06 / TJ15
RF601allMar. 2020Jul. 2003No appropriate model
RF503allMar. 2013Mar. 1997R50
TRF408allMar. 2013May. 1998No appropriate model
RF309allMar. 2013Mar. 1997No appropriate model
TRF308allMar. 2013May. 1998T30
TRF207allMar. 2013May. 1998T20
RF084allMar. 2013Mar. 1997J06 / J15
TRF309allMar. 2013Mar. 1997No appropriate model
RF122allMar. 2013Mar. 1997J15
RF305allMar. 2013Mar. 1997R30
RF203allMar. 2013Mar. 1997R20
CF1000allMar. 2013Mar. 1997No appropriate model
SF302allMar. 2013Mar. 1997No appropriate model
SF301allMar. 2013Mar. 1997No appropriate model
SF300allMar. 2013Mar. 1997No appropriate model
GF200allMar. 2013Mar. 1997No appropriate model
RF205allDec. 2007 Dec. 1991R20