Data Bank MP6 Multi-Layer Function

Multiple feed settings can be stored in the data bank MP6 . Multistage feed operation (program operation, multi-layer operation) is possible by connecting and setting this part.


Maximum number of feeds per 1 stage is 99 times. When the set number of feeds is reached, it will move to the next stage. When the last stage is completed, it returns to the first stage and repeats.

The time chart below shows the case when driving with a long feed once per 6 time material feeds.
Set the feed number of 5 times for layer number 1 and the number of feeds for layer number 2 once, set different feed lengths for each layer, and join the two layers.


Items other than feed count and feed length can only be set for the first layer.
※ The material acceleration after the next layer is automatically calculated, but the press rotation number and feed angle for the first layer are applied.

MP6 generates an output signal at the timing when the feed of all layers is completed.It can be used to stop the press machine or start the operation of the next process machine. Since the input / output cable is optional, please order at the time of ordering MP6.

Layer progress by external input.

You can determine the timing of step progress by external input. If you set the item of feed count to "HL", it will not proceed to the next stage until it detects an external signal.

The time chart below is for driving with "layer number 1” set to "HL". After detection of the external signal, the feed count display becomes "Ad", and when the next feed completion occurs, the number of feeds has shifted to the stage number 2 set to 5 times.


In order to use this function, both MP 6 and controller shipped after February 2017 are required. Also, since the input / output cable is optional, please order at the time of ordering MP6.

As an application example, the video below avoids punching the welded connection part of the material.Mark the material and read the mark with a sensor located upstream of the mold and input the signal to MP6. As long as the marks move from the sensor to the mold, add a step with the same feed length as waiting for external input, and set the number of feeds as a numerical value.

Click screen and the movie will start. It has sounds, so please be attentive to volume.