Long Sprint NC Roll Feeding machine : A Series

It is a long sprint model that can feed a dimension longer than the H series at the same press rotation speed. The press follow-up rotation speed is 600 spm, the maximum material width can be up to 400 mm, and automatic thickness adjustment function is carried.


The material releasing mechanism using electromagnet driven by inverter doesn't need compressed air. It provides stable release timing and numerical control about pressure for materials.

The controller 490C automatically adjusts the acceleration from the specified feed length and press rotational speed. In addition, a level meter that monitors the load of the servo motor is also standard installed.

An original encoder is required to install for synchronization with stamping.

About comparison to other series, please see the other page.

Product Specifications

Limit of MatrialMax. Width400mm
Max. Thickness1.6mm
Max. Stamp Speed600spm
Material FeedingMethodRoller + Servomotor
Feed Length999.99mm Max.
Adjusted by 0.01mm unit.
Feed AccelerationAutomatic calculation *1
Material PressingMethodElectromagnet
Pressing Capacity900 ~ 6000N
Adjusted by 86 step.
Material Releasing MethodElectromagnet
Required Power SupplyThree-phase 200V±10% 50/60Hz
Product Weight174kg
*1 Calculated by the press rotational speed settting and the feed angle setting.
*2 Condition: Feed length 50 mm · No release.

・Feed performance table of A40 are shown in the table below.
Max.feed lengths(mm) under varied speed and feed angles.
Details of performance can be calculated on this page.

Stamp Speed
Max. Feed Length [mm]
Feeding material weight 3kgFeeding material weight 5kg
Feed Angle
Feed Angle
Feed Angle
Feed Angle
6002641 *2636 *
5503452 *3345 *

* Depending on the starting angle and acceleration of the press machine, the release operation may not be able to follow up.

490C controller

Explanations in the panel are English only.

Display description

  1. Indication of Pressure setting.
  2. Indication of Feed Start setting.
  3. Indication of the Feed Finish angle.
  4. Indication of Overrun CHeck setting.
  5. Indication of Release Start setting.
  6. Indication of SPM setting.
    ・During the press machine drive :Indication of the press SPM.
    ・During the press stop :Indication of the press machine stop angle.
  7. Indication of Release Finish setting.
  8. Indication of acceleration.

Operation panel Description

  1. Indication of Feed Length setting.
  2. Indication of servo motor load monitor .
    • Patent application already.
  3. Roll open and close switch.
    • Set: Change the value of the setting item.
  4. 1 Stroke Operation switch.
    • It can not be operated in this switch alone. Used in conjunction with the "→" switch.
  5. +/-switch.
    • Run: Push the "+/-" switch while holding down the "1 stroke operation"switch. Feed speed of 1 stroke can be changed.
    • Set: Change the value of the setting item.
  6. Release synchronous operation switch.
  7. Feed synchronous operation switch.
  8. Selector switch, setting mode or operation mode.

By combining the options of the Data Bank MP6, 99sets of memory settings of Feed Length, Feed Angle, & Release Mode can be saved.You can simplify the setting when exchanging several dies. Please consider it. → See more details.